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Each month I check about 1000 to 1500 labels that collectors send me or that I found in the social media if they are new for our catalog. It would be a hard work not to have all the fast search and sort functions of our catalog to select the 250 to 350 labels that are new.

How one Florida woman amassed a collection of more than 21,000 banana labels

If you see a 70-year-old woman digging through a trash can for discarded banana peels in Florida, you may have spotted one of the world's most unique collectors. Becky Martz, of Orlando, has spent the past 29 years fastidiously collecting and cataloging more than 21,000 banana labels from around the world.

How to proceed with the catalog?

This is a catalog of all known banana labels. We have collected 33,000 different labels and as far as possible all of this labels are scanned in best quality and are well organized in about 5,000 catalog entries. We know, it was a very giant effort to build it up. 4,500€ and about 3,000 hours of my time.

The Catalog is NOT for Free (Think Win Win)

This catalog offers many benefits to our community of banana label collectors. Without the catalog it is quite difficult to know about others collectors in the world. Here is the place where we meet, can talk about the labels and our hobby of collecting labels.

The Catalog is NOT for free

NOT for free

I wrote articles that explains what it means to run this catalog: Many hundreds of labels are added each month and we have to pay for the IT infrastructure. So I asked to help in the cost and to help to keep the catalog up to date, This was now many months ago. Some of you do really help and I like to thank.