Minimalist packaging

Swedish importer Hebe Frukt & Grönt has launched new packaging for their organic bananas. Organic bananas at Hebe make up 78.7% of banana sales, so this new packaging has the potential to really make a difference.

The company has developed a band around their since piece (approx. 1 kg weight) banana bunches, which they feel fits well into organic consumer demand for less packaging and waste, but could also be well suited for conventional bananas as well.

"Although the band is nothing new and has already been in the banana industry, we created a recognisable layout of and applied it to our organic bananas," shared Anita Jansson from Hebe.

"It's nice to reduce the plastic packaging on organic products. Just like with the traditional bags, customers will buy more bananas compared to selling them loose, but without the plastic packaging, which can have a negative effect on quality. Bananas bound together with a band also reduces food waste, compared to selling the bananas loose in bunches. The label makes it easy to recognize as organic and because the band also carries a barcode, it is also easy for cashiers at the checkout," Anita concluded.

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Anita Jansson
Hebe Frukt & Grönt AB
Tel: +46 31 780 27 06
Fax: +46 31 19 33 28

Publication date: 4/17/2018
Author: Heather Wicks

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Apr 2018