Helping Points

In average it takes about 3,000 to 4,000 helping points each month to keep the catalog up to date. And someone has to do it. Before you have access to the trade list and care about your own collection you are asked to do a little bit of the necessary work. When you help you earn helping points. Collectors having enough helping points have automatically access to the trade lists. This is not a problem for many collectors, because they already help. The idea of the helping points is, that the collectors who do not help do not get everything of this great catalog for free and have the feedback, that they use much more than they like to give in exchange.

You need at the moment 50 points to have access to the trade lists. You can check your balance in the upper right corner of this website.

Category Action Points Lifetime
Add content to BLC Add a banana label 10 30 days
  Your banana label was deleted -10 30 days
  Add a catalog entry 15 14 days
  Your catalog entry was deleted -15 14 days
  Add a new comment 5 14 days
  Add pictures to a gallery 5 7 days
  Add an article many points many days
  Update an article many points many days
Monitor data quality Delete a redundant banana label 3 14 days
  Update the description of a banana label 2 7 days
  Update a catalog entry 4 14 days
Other Bonus Add a banana label to the BLC the first time 60 60 days
  Register at the BLC 60 60 days
  Login (to recalculate the permissions) 1 1 day
Bought Points Buy points by helping in the IT costs many points many month
  Buy points by sending labels to the ADMIN many points many month


If you not have time to help in the catalog you have to do something else to compensate the valuable work of the ADMIN. The catalog is not for free any more for not helping collectors. Please ask the ADMIN what to do in this case, because the catalog is only for helping members.

These collectors have earned points

   michael (1,096)
   PETER NIESSEN (1,045)
   Jiranek (616)
   bertieboy (290)
   Fiorentina (195)
   Zabava (160)
   Ferrin (132)
   avoya (101)
   Hank Ankins (101)
   bananacarril (100)
   Claus V. (100)
   Elvis Velez (100)
   javedzsyed (100)
   John Hv (100)
   JohnS (100)
   josefa (100)
   Martin S (100)
   MGokhanYALCINER (100)
   milos (100)
   paolopaolo (100)
   svgnn (100)
   Vjekoslav Vidović (100)
   zvivizt (100)
   barbara (99)
   Joan (98)
   zantrost (79)
   Alex (40)
   Pablo Barquero Lopez (20)
   Angelikay (10)
   Klempa (5)
   llecha (5)
   jojodied (-1)
   Silvio (-1)



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Mar 2020