I love covers. This are all covers of our new additions in the recent years. We did not have each month a new edition for some reasons, but quite often.

Gerri had also her new additions at her website and this does follow her example. But with a cover and presented as a flip book in the article section visible for premium members. Of course everybody is invited to create a new cover that we will use. Please be creative. Or just send me a picture that I can use as a background. Some pictures are already used from John and Joan so far.

If you create a cover then the four elements title, date, who we are (community) and label of the month must be included. And in general is should not be a problem to have more then one cover a month, because I love covers.



January and February are include in the March edition.





And just a reminder: The new additions are for premium members. That means for collectors who help in the cost to run this catalog on computers. As everyone knows, computers cost money. Premium members have the gold medal for supporting the hobby of collecting banana labels.



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May 2020