The Catalog in Numbers

This is the catalog of all known banana labels. It is an incomprehensibly huge thing. Let's collect some numbers with data from today, the 12th of March of 2020:

  • Number of labels in the catalog: 33,900
  • Number of banana labels in the catalog: 33,090 (without personal promotions, rejected labels or documentations)
  • Number of brands: 4,583
  • Number of catalog entries in the table of contents: 7,678
  • Number of verifications: 117,700 (3.47 per label)
  • Number of countries producing banana labels: 90
  • Maximum number of labels from a country: 9,126 (27.6% from Ecuador)
  • Number of motifes documented and used in search criteria: 240
  • Motif used at most liked labels: Kangaroo, Feather, Lizard
  • Most used motif: URL & E-Mail (5,930)
  • Oldest label shown in the catalog: 1913
  • Number of attributes used in the search: 9 (PLU, country, writing system, shape, motif, colours, material, type of label, year of issue)
  • Maximum number of labels added a month: 962 (July 2019)
  • Average number of labels added a month: 289
  • Number of labels released in 2019: 2,558 (213 each month)
  • Average number of helping points needed to keep the catalog up to date each month: 4,500 (estimated)
  • Age of the catalog in years: 5 (June 2014)
  • Number of galleries: 162
  • Number of articles: 80
  • Number of pictures used in galleries and articles: 1,674
  • Number of magazines: 29 (The Banana Label Gazette, Completely Bananas, ...)
  • Number of collectors that are registered: 239
  • Number of countries these collectors come from: 38
  • Number of collectors having a list of duplicates: 77
  • Number of different labels that are available for trade: 18,968
  • Number of collectors using the catalog each day (via login): 18 to 24 (estimated)
  • Country with the most collectors: CR (33), EC (28), US (21)
  • Amount of data transferred into the web last month: 58GB
  • Maximum of data transferred into the web: 93GB (January 2020)
  • Number of pictures of our labels in the file system: 42,874 (3.6GB)
  • Size of the data base: 1,2GB
  • Cost for hosting the IT each month: 60€
  • Number of different users last 30 days: 25,073 (a lot of randomly internet surfers)
  • Maximum number of different users of a country last 30 days: 3,601 (USA)
  • Number of sessions last 30 days: 33,749
  • Number of countries with users visiting the catalog the last 30 days: 169




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May 2020


Beautiful statistics!

Beautiful statistics!
The catalog has become an indispensable and very useful tool.