The Catalog is NOT for Free (Think Win Win)

This catalog offers many benefits to our community of banana label collectors. Without the catalog it is quite difficult to know about others collectors in the world. Here is the place where we meet, can talk about the labels and our hobby of collecting labels. We see what has been found in the world for our entertainment and we can read some background information about the brands. The catalog is with 33,000 labels quite complete and the trade pages with 18,000 duplicates are brilliant.

To maintain the catalog of all known banana labels costs money and is a lot of work. We are talking about 720€ each year that are only partly covered by the community and about many hundreds of hours of work. It is an high effort to maintain the IT infrastructure / the user support / observe the social media for new labels and add or monitor about 300 labels each month with greate care. This catalog is NOT for free.

There are two things that I have learned after deciding to build up this catalog: There are much more labels each month to add to the catalog than I thought and only very few collectors help with a relevant amout of time and experience to keep the catalog up to date. The frust came after noticing that many collectors do not like to help to reduce my work load and focus only to increase their own collection. They like to use the trade pages and don't care about how all the labels are added to the catalog and all the IT stuff. After 5 years of building up the catalog I have to concider, that most of the cost and work remains with me.

We introduced the helping points that does not changed a lot but - at least - make transparent that I have quite often 2000 of the helping points and the distance to the help of other collectos is very high. Some collectors have niggled when they are asked to earn ridiculous 5 points to improve the quality of the catalog before having access to the trade lists. 

I do not want to spend most of the money and time without having any benefit. We need a solution for maintaining the catalog where both sites win. If you agree with the need of a common catalog or if you like to use the trade lists than your action is required. Following idea:  I reduce my work and focus on keeping the catalog up to date. If you do not have very often 500 helping points in your balance, than you are asked to send labels from time to time in exchange for the great work of the admin.

Do you understand the situation and help to change it?
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Jan 2020